Math Mondays: Manipulative Labels! And a Follower FREEBIE!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Just another Maniac Monday.  If I am being honest, I don't loooove Mondays...and I have never been too keen on math either.  Some of my earliest memories of math are from first grade, doing Mad Minutes {remember those?!} and always being the one who finished dead LAST.  I remember the sheer embarrassment associated with Mad Minutes and also being bored up to my eyeballs with worksheets upon worksheets upon worksheets. Yuck. I made a vow when I became a teacher to make math FUN.

Math games have revolutionized my teaching (and learning) of math.  One thing I have learned about math games- you have to be beyond organized!  The games will be over before they even start if there are manipulatives, dice, dominoes, and game pieces flying all around the room.  One thing that has made a world of difference with math manipulative storage are my Math Manipulative Labels.  

These babies have both a clear picture of the manipulatives and the words.  This makes clean up a cinch and nary a stray unifix cube or two-sided chip lying around on the floor.  

It was definitely quite a photo shoot taking these pictures- arranging the manipulatives, making sure the lighting was right, and then resizing them to fit onto the label.  But, I have to say the end result was totally worth it and I am delight with my new manipulative storage unit!  

These labels are on sale in my TpT Store  but... if you become a FOLLOWER of my blog and LIKE my Facebook Page  comment your email address below and I will send you this PDF file for free!  :)  Many, many thanks for your support 


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