Monday, April 28, 2014

Disclaimer: there is a whole lotta bragging about my littles going on in this post.  I love them to bits and pieces! 

Wow.  If you follow me on instagram, then you have already seen the picture I posted from today.  My littles absolutely astounded me.  They planned an entire SURPRISE party for my Assistant Teacher and me.

 Last Thursday I started to hear rumblings of putting on a "surprise show".  There was a few times they asked us to leave the room "just because".  Little did I know how involved and enthusiastic these firsties got!  

They sought out the help of my dear, dear colleague (who happens to also be my best friend!) to help with the logistics of hiding their stuff in her room and using her as a ploy to get us out of the classroom this morning so they could set up.  They also got their moms involved to buy/deliver Baked by Melissa cupcakes (heaven) and balloons, roses, and other assorted goodies they brought in for us such as chocolate bars, handmade cards, loomz bracelets (of course!) tissue paper flowers,- the works!  They really know the way to my heart! 

After the initial SURPRISE, they performed two songs for us replete with coordinated dance moves.  That is when I lost it and began to cry like a baby.  Hearing them sing Rainbow Connection (a song that gets me every time) and seeing all the effort and love they put into this.  I have to tell you- no other job has this kind of rewards.  It was a magical morning, one that I will certainly never forget.  I will go to sleep smiling tonight.  

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