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Apple Week

Monday, October 13, 2014

So I am a tad behind here on the apple bandwagon.  Our apple theme was a few weeks ago but I loved it so, so much I wanted to share a few of the highlights... 

This is a beautiful creativity my TA did with the class.  {Shout out to the Tidy Tub which makes craftivities a zillion times easier to clean up!}

Each kiddo traced an apple template on a piece of white construction paper.  Then s/he placed small squares of tissue paper onto the tracer.  Next, s/he lightly covered the tissue paper squares with a mixture of glue and water. 

The finished product!  I always make sure to have a seasonal bulletin board in my classroom.  It's so important for the littles to make connections with the world around them, plus it's just so festive and fun to integrate into our learning/fine motor skills!  The trees remain up all year but the decor around them changes.  

{Truth be told: this board was actually changed over on Friday when I put up our autumn leaf sun-catchers.  Hopefully I will get that post up before Christmas! }

Apple Alphabet Center

Here is one of the centers we did.  Granted this was the 2nd and 3rd week of school, so were focusing on matching uppercase to lowercase letters.  First with all cards facing up, then the challenge round was with the cards facing down!  We played 1/2 of the alphabet at a time.  A-M and N-Z 

Now for the big finale..... Drumroll please...

Apple picking and apple cider making!  

Yes! It's true, at my glorious new school we have our own apple trees and homemade apple cider press.  We enjoyed picking apples with our Upper School buddies and then making delicious, fresh apple cider.  

MMMMM, delicious!

Our spectacular science teacher has her parents travel down each year for this annual tradition.  They bring their own cider press and guide our kinders through the three stations.  1. The "checking station" where we get rid of the rotten apples.  2. The "washing station" {see below} where we clean those tasty apples.  And 3. the "smushing station" where those little apples are pulverized down into the sweet pulpy-blend.  

Lastly, they all took turns going 'round the cider press to squeeze out delicious cider.  

The cider master!

It's October and I am still pinching myself that I work at this amazing school!  Now, raise your cider glasses and CHEERS! 

ps- although we did not make applesauce I read this book with my kinders and LOVED it. We loved it so much we read it 3x! 

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