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Thursday, September 25, 2014

We are  s l o w l y  beginning Writers Workshop this week.  Deep breath in and out.  I am used to a more structured 'brainstorm and write' system of writing but am excited with the flexibility WW allows.

I began with a labeling lesson.  We talked about how labels can help explain something in a picture and how even though it may be hard for us to write words, we are super good at drawing pictures and we can add words to our pictures.

   Please excuse my lame-o anchor chart!! We took turns coming up to the chart to point out items we could label.  Who would have thought this makeshift picture could produce over 30 labels!  (No one believed my 'dog' was a dog, they, in fact, decided it as a cat)

I demo-ed how to label things using post-its.  I sound spelled window, chair and... NOAH! One of my students was super surprised when I stuck a label on his forehead.  Then total pandemonium ensued!  I put bowls of POST-ITS and flair pens out on their desks and let them go to town labeling our classroom.   It.Was.INCREDIBLE.  When the 15 minutes was up, my room was littered with over 60!! labels (I only have 14 littles!!).  Here are some of the highlights...

 3 shelves


Art Easel
Pete the Cat, Wall



Poem (courtesy of Ashley over at One Sharp Bunch)

My personal fave.... cubby

As the next lesson in my Writers Workshop, we will do a little review/warm up with ONE post-it each to label and then draw a picture and add some labels to the picture.

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