Bright Ideas: Velcro- a LIFESAVER!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Somehow I always seem to miss the BRIGHT IDEAS link up party :(  Well, even though I can't be party of this wonderfully helpful linky, I'd still like to share my Bright Idea with you!

Okay... my bright idea is insanely simple, cheap and effective- what more could a teacher want?!  We all have that student (or five!) who never has a pencil.  Every activity becomes delayed by 3 minutes because there is a mad dash to the pencil bin or asking 14 other classmates for a spare pencil.  UGH.SO.ANNOYING. I came up with a simple solution:  stick one side of a Velcro dot/square to the desk and wrap the other side around a pencil! 

When the student is done using his/her pencil they just stick it back on the desk Velcro dot.  TA-DAH!  Problem solved.  I usually put two Velcro dots on either side of my kiddo's desk and then give him/her four or five pencils with Velcro dots on them.  I swear, it has never been an issue again once they get the Velcro dots.  

PS- I also did this for one of my littles this year with his pencil case.  It fell off his desk at least six times a day.  No joke.  I slapped 6 Velcro dots on the bottom of his pencil case and match up six to his desk and bye-bye to scrambled pencil cases on the floor! 

Hope these {simple} ideas help you!  What are your BRIGHT ideas?!  Comment  a link to your post below! 

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