"A Brave Year of Firsts" EOY Writing Activity

Monday, June 2, 2014

Quickie blog post here for those of you still battling through the last few sweltering days of school... I was cleaning out my "teacher books" today (aka the books I store up on a very high, very out of reach shelf) and stumbled across this FABULOUS book written by Jamie Lee Curtis.  I just love all of her social/emotional books; they have such a great message.  How did I forget that I bought this book way back when?!  So glad I came across this treasure.

This one in particular is so fitting for the end of first grade (sob).  I threw together a little response to literature activity to go along with this precious read aloud.  You can grab the FREEBIE  here,

I read the book to the kiddos and then talked them through a meditation.  By "meditation" I mean, they close their eyes and I talk them through the relaxation process.  Then I shift their focus to whatever I want them to ponder.  I have the say, the quality of work that I get after a "meditation" is remarkably better than when I don't do a meditation.  I usually do these with response to literature activities or a writing activity.  I have to say, I am pretty proud of the finished (and not quite yet finished!) products.

Oh boy, I sure am going to miss this batch of littles! :(

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