Project Based Learning Week {Part 3}

Monday, May 5, 2014

Oops! I never posted this on Friday... Enjoy!

Alright, I am so exhausted from Project Based Learning Week, I doubt I can even spell PBL (wink, wink, Annie).  Below are some pics of the final project- my class' community.

The doctor's office

The police station (with a jail and a "gem" room for all of the stolen gems the robbers take)

A house 

A school with a swing set (tire swing!) sandbox and slide

Dentist's office




 I really struggled with allowing the students to express their creativity and adhering to reality (i.e., gems and pom-poms typically don't adorn a supermarket or bank).  Usually I try to balance "creative" projects using tons of art supplies and free reign for the kiddos with more "structured" projects where we are going for the attention to detail- ie it should look realistic.  In keeping with the theme of Project Based Learning,  I decided to throw all of that out the window for this one and just let them GO and DO however their little hearts desired.  The end results are a genuine expression of their imaginations, because isn't that what first grade is for?  ;)

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