May the 4th Be With You!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wow!  Many, many thanks to Amanda over at The Primary Gal for organizing this awesome TpT sale!   I was in the mood for a good TpT sale, I haven't thrown once since March.  The four items listen below  are 25% OFF!   I see that a lot of my favorite TpTers are participating as well so I am loadin' up my cart as we speak! Since I am a pretty new blogger a lot of these will seem repetitive because I have already posted about them, but hey, they are on SALE now and if that's not a reason to check 'em out, I don't know what is.

Here goes....

My Best Seller:

This little guy is jammed pack with 40 pages of games galore and over 60 flashcards!  I used this with my first graders and it was quite a hit.  

We did word sorts with the flash cards,

 played Connect Four and Bingo with the game boards,

made our own game boards 

played the ever-popular "I have, Who has?"

and spun and rolled diphthongs with our "fun" sheets.  

Hip-hip-hurray for DIPHTHONGS! :) 

Numero Dos...


A fun tactile center for Kinders-Second Graders... Wiki/Playdoh Words!
This center carried me through most of the year with my littles.  There are 52 upper and lowercase letters and over 100 sight words included in this packet.  

All YOU have to do is print and laminate, throw in some Wiki Stix or Playdoh and you're good to go!  


PS- I love these little lap desks.  I found them at Michael's Crafts about a year ago four for $5! Can't beat it! I usually store the week's sight words in the side slots so each child has his or her own set. 

Number 3

My Inflectional Endings packet!  

Check out the spinner board game {3 differentiated versions}... 

and good ol' Connect Four

and 2 cut and paste word sorts...

and some "fun" sheets


Last but certainly not least.... 

My prized possession, my differentiated sight word pack! All of the activities and games in here are leveled for pre primer, primer, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade! Super easy differentiation.  Simply print, laminate (game boards) and GO! 

over 25 games {I have, Who has?, Connect Four, dice/board games, Roll it and Read it, plus more!}

40+ independent activities {cut and paste die for games, ABC order, Word Hunts, Rainbow Words,    Stamp-A-Word}

and, my favorite, the I SPY games! My littles love, love, LOVE these!   :) 

You can read about how use these games in my sight word buckets :)  

Well, there you have it!  My TpT favorites and top sellers.   I hope you enjoyed reading about them.  What are your bests?! Can't wait to read about them! 


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  1. wow you have some awesome stuff!!!! great job!!

  2. You are exquisite, my friend! I'm heading over to TPT now for your complete Diphthong mega pack! Love it!

  3. I absolutely LOVE all of your sight word games! The playdough/wiki words are just great!
    Awesome job!
    Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten

  4. Great post! I especially love your round "I Have Who Has" cards! Very original!

  5. I absolutely love following your blog! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Come get some more information here!