Here Goes Nothing!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hello, blogging world! This is my first official post as Miss Vericker’s Adventures.  Kevin McCallister’s line from Home Alone comes to mind, “This is it; don’t get scared now”.   I have always been astounded how incredible bloggers (such as The First Grade Parade Doodle Bugs TeachingKindergarten SmilesFun In First The Hands On TeacherLearning with Mrs Langley , Clutter Free Classroom + sooo many more),  are able to be mommies, devout church-goers, TpT mega houses, have their own classroom (no small feat!), oh yeah, and on top of that have ROCKIN’ blogs!  I could never imagine how these ladies (and some men) fit it all into one day.   Did they have some kind of time machine that added and extra 5 hours to their 24-hour days? How did they do it? 

While having a blog seems like a great deal of work and effort, it also seems to have countless rewards- sharing trials and triumphs of everyday teaching and life, swapping innovative ideas and activities, learning more about life outside of our own singular schools, plus, the social aspect, blogger besties, meet-ups, a whole new support system. After careful consideration, I have decided that I am going to give blogging my best shot. SO here it is, Miss Vericker’s Adventures!   My tagline is “teachin’ it one adventure at a time”(a clever spin on “taking it one step at a time”).  Teaching truly is an adventure.   You can have the most beautiful plan book filled with spectacular and engaging activities for a Wednesday morning during literacy block and then, whoops!, someone throws up on your meeting area, or there goes the fire alarm!  Or a parent phone call devours the prep period you needed to set up your math stations.   Life happens!  So, come along and follow me while I am “teachin’ it one adventure at a time”.

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  1. beautiful blog and looking forward to following your "Adventures."